stainless steel cross pipe fitting

2-way Tube Connector

This 2-way tube connector is available for use with professional systems, steel rods, and wire rope. All of these technologies work well for inside and external environments. completing voids in commercial and residential environments with the ideal touch.

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4-way Tube Connector

A flush fitting connector with four tube connectors in a stainless steel finish is used to join 38.1mm/42.4mm/50.8mm bar rail tube. Simply gluing and sliding your tube onto each end will provide the optimum junction. This stainless steel framing provides exceptional resistance against corrosive substances and salt water.

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3-way Tube Connector

The "T" elbow with a 180 degree bend is made of stainless steel. It is available in stainless steel tubes measuring 42.4 mm by 2 mm, 38.1 mm by 1.5 mm, and 50.8 mm by 1.5 mm for balustrades. With the help of this accessory, three tubes can be joined together, with the third tube forming a 90-degree angle between the other two.

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