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Runtian stainless steel price Feb 18, 2022

Foshan market news on February 16, 2022, most of the external markets closed up last night, the US stock Dow rose 1.22%, the Nasdaq rose 2.53%, and the S&P 500 rose 1.58%; US crude oil fell 3.52%; nonferrous copper rose 1.25%; London nickel rose $145 to $23,370/ton, the main Shanghai nickel contract rose 810 yuan to 172,540 yuan/ton, and the 2203 stainless steel futures contract rose 465 yuan to 19,135 yuan/ton. Today is a good day for construction, and the sound of firecrackers in various markets is still one after another. After the passion after the Spring Festival, it was only after 10 o'clock in the morning today, and the much-anticipated Qingshan price finally started:


Yongjin 304 cold rolled: up 2200

February 16 Yongjin March futures guide price

304 four feet cold rolled base price 19100

304 five feet cold rolled base price 19350

5 feet below 0.60 19200

Quantity to be approved

This price is 2200 higher than the last price


Hongwang 201 cold rolling: up 700!

Today's Tsingshan Hongwang March futures guide price: 201j1 four-foot cold-rolled 11150201j1 four-foot thin material (0.28-0.50) 11250201j2 four-foot cold-rolled 10600201j2 four-foot thin material (0.28-0.50) 10700 A disk price rose 700 yuan / ton!


Qingshan 201 hot rolling: up 700!

201 hot rolling sales guide price: J2 narrow strip price 10200 yuan/ton J3 narrow strip price 10400 yuan/ton J1 narrow strip price 10800 yuan/ton J4 narrow strip price 11400 yuan/ton /Ton!


304 hot rolling rose 2300-2500!

Big board: today's 304 hot-rolled futures guide price is 19,100 yuan / ton, March futures, the volume is pending approval

This price is up 2,600 yuan / ton from the previous price.

Narrowband: Today's group 304 narrowband price is 18,700 yuan/ton in East China and 18,600 yuan/ton in South China

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