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How to make stainless steel handrail oval tube? Jan 11, 2022

The diversified elements have made many designers like to change the handrails in different shapes, breaking the previous three types of stainless steel pipes, round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe, and can be seen at random in subway stations and high-speed railway stations. How is the oval stainless steel handrail made?

There are two production methods for oval tube shapes. One is kneading with a round tube, so that the kneading method can produce oval tubes of different widths and heights at any time through the scheduling of the mold, but the disadvantage is that the pressure tube has a rebound specification As a result, the accuracy of the specifications of the ellipse is not high, there will be a few mistakes, and the mold will be scrapped when adjusting the mold. It is recommended that customers with a small demand can choose this method to deliver fast. The other method is to directly use a fixed elliptical mold to form an elliptical tube at the time of pipe making, so that the shape of the tube is more common, and the specification is accurate. If it is customized, there is a certain amount of customization, and the delivery time needs a few days. , A large number can suggest custom applications.

The customization requirements of elliptical handrails can only be adjusted to the desired product by knowing the specific specifications and materials, thickness, etc.; some pipes are manufactured and equipped with elbows, which may be slightly different from the specifications, which are required during the welding process. Adjust the pipe head with a jig, and add the welding gap between the welding wire and the elbow, so that it can be adjusted for a better fit.

stainless steel handrail oval tube

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