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Detailed explanation of stainless steel round pipe specifications and classification Dec 24, 2021

First,Stainless steel round pipes can be divided into two categories: welded stainless steel pipes and seamless stainless steel pipes.And Stainless steel round pipe welded pipes can be divided into two categories: decoration stainless steel pipes and product stainless steel pipes

Second ,the difference in appearance of stainless steel round pipes

Stainless steel round pipes (welded pipes) generally have two types: No. 400 smooth surface and brushed surface. Under the requirements of customers, our company can customize 6K and 8K mirror effects for customers. Now, our company has the old electroplating skills, and can customize the appearance of stainless steel round pipes such as rose gold, champagne gold, titanium gold, black titanium, green bronze, red bronze, and wood grain for customers. Brushed surface stainless steel round pipes can be divided into two types: straight sand and round sand.

Three, stainless steel round pipe standard introduction

1. Commonly used stainless steel round pipe decoration pipe standards in decoration projects are: 16mm/19mm/22mm/25mm/32mm/38mm/40mm/42mm/51mm/60mm/63mm/76mm/89mm, mainly used in stair handrails and stainless steel guardrails , Stainless steel doors and windows, fences, etc.

Stainless steel round tube spot inventory

2. The spot standard on the market now: 1.0mm----406mm

Thickness: 0.3mm----6.0mm

Stainless steel round pipes supplier

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